December 3, 2006

Huaaah…just finished a poster design…not bad…
Today, some friend of mine came to my messy, small room…different faculty from me, they are in school of architecture.

Wow, architecture. Cool. Those drawing stuffs.

I always like designing stuff since i was in high school. Not as an obsession, more like a hobby for me, so i'm not taking it seriously. Until now.

Now graphic design is my life :)

When I see people such as my friends i mentioned earlier, I envy them. They can make a lot of things that I appreciate, while I'm not even doing anything useful. What, re-learning mathematics? 80% of things that I've learned in high school? Oh, please.

They can make wonderful art with a pencil. I can only rewrite what my teacher wrote earlier in the blackboard.

Yeah, i know, science is the fundamental, most important blablabla, but I found that science cannot describe it clearly enough for me and other average person to understand or appreciate it.

“If you think that art is so important, why don't you go to the school of art and design instead?”

The problem is…..I'm not good at pencil :p
which is the main problem in the entrance exam ^^

So I go to the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics instead….hoping that I can learn more about art and design all by myself. Maybe I'm taking the design minor in 2008. Hope so :)


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