Long Time

December 18, 2006

Hi everyone! (if any :p)

Ramdaffe returns to da blog!!

So many things happened this week (and last week) (and weeks before) (i know, i abandoned this blog for a long time :p)
Those chemistry and physics exam really exhaust me! whew!

The result is..err…bad. I studied as hard as i can, but the exam was still more difficult than i thought. I hope i won't be dropped out..wish me luck, guys!

On the other side of life, especially in my love life, things aren't getting better at all. I'm in love with more than one girl, and astonishingly there's another girl who said she likes me. Unfortunately, i made her cried….i'm so sorry…

Tomorrow i will having my last exam this year, the concept of technology exam. The lecturer has been absent for 3 times straight, bringing the total day without him to 5. Hey, even ramda the laziest person in the class has been absent only for 4 times! whew! and until this moment he hasn't told us the material to study. Again, wish me luck…

Hakuuuuuuna matata…


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