Will Hunting

May 28, 2007

Good Will Hunting

Will: What do you want to know? What? That I don’t have twelve brothers?
Skylar: Yes.
(with even angrier tone)
Will: That I’m a fuckin’ orphan!
Skylar: Yes.
Will: No, you don’t wanna hear that!
Skylar: I didn’t know that.
Will: No, you don’t wanna hear that.
Skylar: I didn’t know it.
Will: You don’t wanna hear that I had fuckin’ cigarettes put out on me when I was a little kid.
Skylar: Oh…I didn’t know that…
Will: That this isn’t fuckin’ surgery, that the motherfucker stabbed me. You don’t wanna hear that shit, Skylar.
Skylar: I do wanna hear it.
Will: Don’t tell me you want to hear that shit!
Skylar: I want to hear it because I want to help you. Because I want to–
Will: Help me! What the fuck? What I got a fucking sign on my back? That says “save me?”
Skylar: No.
Will: Do I look like I need that?
Skylar: No. God, I just want to be with you because I love you!
Will: Don’t bullshit me. Don’t bullshit me. Don’t you fuckin’ bullshit me!
Skylar: I love you. I wanna hear you say that you don’t love me. Because if you say that, then I won’t call you, and I won’t be in your life…
(pause for a moment)
Will: I don’t love you.

Sebuah dialog dari film Good Will Hunting. Waktu terakhir kali ke Jakarta pas hunting dvd bareng roo, tertarik pas melihat label Academy Award di covernya. Setelah semalem nonton, awww. It’s the best ordinary-story movie i’ve ever seen! Hahahaha, gak nyangka Ben Affleck sama Matt Damon bisa jadi scriptwriter yang bagus. A must watch! Except you’re allergic to Mathematics :D


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