May 29, 2007

Lately I have desperately pondered,
Spent my nights awake and I wonder
What I could have done in another way
To make you stay
Reason will not lead to solution
I will end up lost in confusion
I don’t care if you really care
As long as you don’t go


ok, ok. i’m behaving a bit weird lately. pertama, semangat belajar turun sampai 70%. kedua, jadi gila dunia blogging. lalu sering menulis apapun yang berkaitan dengan cinta (termasuk Love Fool di atas ini). Ada apa sih?

i’m in love :)

*yeah. obviously. tanpa nulis entry ini semua orang juga tau kali ffe.
*i know, it’s just i felt that i need to wrote it down. <– see why ffe blogs so much these days?

siapakah orang itu?

let it be a secret, just between God and me….
…and my best friend, of course :D

*that’s, if she read this blog anyway ^^


2 Responses to “blossoming”

  1. Pury said

    salam kenal!ah, senang nya yg sedang bahagia krn cinta..sedang sebaliknya gw..hahahha
    Love cruel,yet burn my ass

  2. vienz said

    loh, kamu sedang jatuh cinta,ram? hihihi… so sweet…

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