June 4, 2007

i thought that God created us human to be different each other,
but even sometimes some of them are simply on the opposite side of the river,
while i’m drowning helplessly in the middle.

i’m talking about woman.

apakah karena wanita lebih sering memakai perasaan daripada laki-laki,
sehingga mereka lebih mudah berbeda pendapat daripada kami yang (katanya) lebih sering memakai logika?

apakah saat mereka bilang kita tidak bisa mengerti perasaan mereka, yang benar itu mereka dan kita yang salah?

ataukah semua itu hanya mitos belaka dan laki-laki dengan wanita itu sama saja?
sama-sama tak sempurna, sama-sama berbuat salah?

i don’t know the answer, but i know one thing,
we seeks happiness in our life,
with our own, different ways.


2 Responses to “differente?”

  1. reytia said

    yes sort of.
    still think about that, though
    try to think like a man but i regret it at the end, because in fact i am still a woman

  2. Men n women are same yet different.

    They simply will never speak the same language, therefore it’s a job for both to learn each other’s language.

    Happiness is waiting for us at the corner of the street, but sometimes there’s just too many cars passing by blocking it out of our sight.

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