sailed away

July 14, 2007

And it may take some time to
Patch me up inside
But I can’t take it so I
Run away and hide
And I may find in time that
You were always right
You’re always right

“kalo perlu gue deketin lagi aja mereka smua biar gue bisa lupa sama lo”
that words really sting me last midnight. i know, people are stupid, they are becoming more possessive when they are about to lose something. something irreplaceable. and last night, you said that final word that seals tall these uncertainties.

i won’t hold you back, i’m not that kind of person who always thinks for myself. i don’t care about myself, i never did. it’s all about you. i already give you all my attention, all the time.

but, yeah, i can’t give you that one thing, i can’t promise that to you. and then, it’s over.

so you sailed away
into the grey sky morning


One Response to “sailed away”

  1. prncss said

    I am not going anywhere.. :)
    I’m sorry I said that to you… dimaafin yah? yah? :(

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