cleansweep! part two

October 28, 2007

some weeks ago
I opened my facebook. Wow, there’s a lot of requests! I checked it once every week, because there’s not much that I wrote there. Very different from my friendster profile which get abandoned for 12 hours at most. I was a bit lazy back then, so i decided to sign out and continue my real life.

an hour ago
12 Friend requests, 13 Likeness Quiz requests, 8 cause invitations, 8 Vampire invitations, 9 SuperPoke! friend requests, 6 Zombies invitations, 1 My Aquarium requests, 4 Super Wall post requests, 1 Super Wall invitation, 3 Jedi vs Sith invitations, 2 IQ Test invitations, 1 Warhol Me invitation, 1 Sketch Me invitation, 1 Oktoberfest invitation, 1 Cartoonify invitation, 1 real gift invitation, 1 Beach Ball request, 2 10 Second Interview invitations, 1 Are You Interested? Invitation, 2 Love friend requests, 1 Excite friend request, 1 Spank friend request, 1 Game invitation, 1 WereWolves invitation, 8 iDescribe invitations, 1 wet, smelly, yellow invitation, 1 Wishabi request, 4 Water Fight invitations, 1 You’re Hot request, 2 Slayers invitations, 1 fortune friend requests, 2 True or False? Requests, 3 Bookshelf invitations, 1 My Purity Test invitation, 2 Hawaiian Luau invitations, 1 Addicted to Grey’s A request, …….., 1 Reputation invitations.

some clicks and a cup of coffee later
You have no more Likeness Quiz requests.
You ignored a request from CM.
You ignored a request from FF.
You ignored a request from AA.
You ignored a request from RPP.
You ignored a request from YF.
(insert sixty-something of nearly identical lines over and over)

sorry guys, you’ve been such good friends that you automaticallyadded me in every facebook apps that you have. Unfortunately, i love the clean and simple edition of facebook, not the Oh-God-please-add-the-ignore-all-request-button one. With all due respect, i have to clean this messy profile.

facebook cleansweep completed.

Now back at my messy room…where did i put my underwear?
*searching under the pillow*


3 Responses to “cleansweep! part two”

  1. fanny said

    jijay ah terakhirnya :p

    ffe, cepetan ol lagi yah.

  2. tere616 said

    LOL. So you have the same experience like me….
    I have to hold myself not to open my facebook.
    That new “toys” really drag me out of my routine …

  3. […] and i ignored more than 80 request in under a minute. no more hassle like the way i used to do it, one by one. yeah, i know, it’s a bit mean to do that, but i guess i don’t have many choices, do […]

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