caramel pudding

November 4, 2007

this will be the shortest post ever in my blog, but i write this because at this moment there’s just one thing i want to ask to you.

don’t leave me.


8 Responses to “caramel pudding”

  1. fanny said

    i know you’re in love.
    and totally agree if love is blinded you.


  2. wiydiy said

    sorry, then.


  3. Mandaroo said

    masa gara2 beginian gua dikacangin. (masih bt) blegug siah.

  4. rey said


    love will find a way, ram.. xp

  5. fanny said

    double comment :

    I second Manda. period.

  6. ramdaffe said

    @fanny & manda:
    thanks for the generous level of support.

    postnya udah basi ini. santai lah…

    i think i should concentrate more on the way of life rather than the way of love :p

  7. Waldi - Puri Mesari said

    Perhaps you need a short vacation to freshen.. and collect some new photos there…
    How about going to the east :-)
    [he is going to go to the west day-after-tomorrow]

  8. Nisa A. said

    i really dunno what to say, or comment on.
    however, i wish that u’d feel better as well as her/they won’t leave u… =)

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