cleansweep! part three

December 10, 2007

me vs a ton of facebook requests and invitations : 2-1

mwuwahahahahaha! *evil laugh*

thanks to some scripts over here, now there’s a little blue link that makes my day in the net a little bit happier. Wanna know what it looks like?


just one click and i ignored more than 80 request in under a minute. no more hassle like the way i used to do it, one by one.
yeah, i know, it’s a bit mean to do that, but i guess i don’t have many choices, do i?

bye-bye, vampire bites!


4 Responses to “cleansweep! part three”

  1. Praditya said

    Wah, mantab ini… Mo ikutan ah..
    Repot klo musti satu2…

    ~ Btw, pake Google Reader buat baca post…

  2. Praditya said

    Btw, Daffe… Cara installnya gmana?

  3. ramdaffe said

    @praditya: pake extension greasemonkey buat firefox…

  4. andikafdwipayana said

    ini yang gw cari-cari
    tengkyu berat

    btw, klo bingung saya yang mana
    saya andika yang YMnya andika_frusciante

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