December 16, 2007

sialan. kalah lagi.

ah sudahlah,
you’ll never walk alone!!
masih ada Liga Champions, hohoho


nginep di kampus lagi.
(ga ada kuliah ini, santai lah)


front office

December 16, 2007

Lately I’ve been a complainer.

I don’t know. Life’s been good, i watched some great movies (Snatch. Guy Ritchie’s style is fun!) , listening to some relaxing tunes (Mew is pretty great), reading a lot of heartwarming stories (Persepolis is sure great!), partied like animal at my best friend’s birthday (we became a pack of carnivores in Hanamasa), finished my big assignment (whew!), met some new friends (and a cute junior. haha), waiting for big football match tonight (go, go, Liverpool!) and ready for vacation (photo hunting in Bali. New camera. Can’t wait!). Nothing wrong at all.

But the reality is, melancholy starts to take over my mind. Somehow i feel sad and lonely while the reality is the opposite. Yeah, lonely. I know, I got a lot of friends (well, at least a lot of people to chat or go out with), and i meet them everyday. Maybe because of her? Well, it could be, but am I that brittle? Oh God. I know You do it on purpose when you designed and created me. I don’t know whether I should get angry to you or to myself. I know i even shouldn’t complain about anything, you give me, people who i knew and loved, and strangers whom i haven’t known the life itself anyway.

But really, i’m filing a complaint.
why don’t you make a spotless mind,
and a bulletproof heart?

i can guess the answer, though.

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