best year ever – part one

December 25, 2007

Nggak kerasa udah natal. 6 hari lagi udah pergantian tahun. Jalanan macet, terompet2 berbunyi, klakson mobil menyahut, kembang api dimana-mana. Setahun yang lalu saya menghabiskan malam tahun baru belajar kalkulus di kamar kosan (menyedihkan ya? Hahaha). Saat itu saya sama seperti biasa membuat resolusi tahun baru. Nggak kebayang saat angka di hp saya berubah jadi 2007, saya akan mendapat tahun paling gila, paling asik, dan paling luar biasa dalam hidup saya.What’s so great about it, anyway? Well, there’s two main things. Love and friend.


Yah, bagi yang pernah baca post2 terdahulu di blog ini ngerti lah ya, haha. Setelah 17 tahun menyendiri, in this year I finally found someone. Okay, actually there’s three, but there’s only one who I consider to be the best thing that happened in my love life. Amanda. She’s the one who created the word ‘ramdaffe’. She’s the only person who really knows my favorite things. She’s the one who taught me the world I’d never seen before. She’s my best friend. She was my best girlfriend. And , yeah, she is the best ex. Hahaha. Looking back at the day we broke up on April, I can only thank God for all the time I’ve spent with her. Friends forever, roo :)


Ok, stop the happy fairy tale. Poof poof. After her, there’s Gita. Well, obviously it’s not going on well. I think it’s my fault underestimating the complex feelings of her, resulting in yet another very early break up. I hope she can forgive me sometimes. Lastly, I met Wiydiy. Attraction and stubbornness don’t mix well. Even though I still consider her the most caring person I’ve ever met, in the end it’s better for us just to be nothing more than good friends. Also, she recently had a new boyfriend. Ahahaha. Oh well, finally after a great struggle I can accept that. So there’s my love stories.

to be continued


One Response to “best year ever – part one”

  1. Praditya said


    Dtunggu klanjutan love stories nya… :P

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