A – B

January 17, 2008

Saya mulai kepikiran aneh-aneh lagi. Saya sekarang sedang menganalogikan kehidupan saya seperti kaset.

Side A – I’m simply happy.
Nggak kaya-kaya, amat tapi masih bisa makan Pizza dan nonton hari apa aja.
Nggak pinter-pinter, amat tapi masih bisa keluar dari ruang ujian dengan (sedikit) tersenyum.
Nggak punya pacar, tapi tetap cukup dekat dengan orang-orang yang saya sayang.
Nggak alim-alim amat, tapi masih bisa menahan diri dalam banyak hal.
Nggak sehat-sehat amat, tapi masih berusaha menjalani hidup sehat.
Nggak ganteng-ganteng amat, tapi……yah, gitu deh. Hehehehe.
Everytime i walked down the narrow road to my house at night, i felt how lucky i am. i got a good life, a better one.
Everytime someone with a silver BMW sped past me, i felt that what i will become in the future.
Everytime i see a couple holding hands, i felt that someday i’ll get someone beside me, too.

Side B -Knock, knock. Dude, seriously, wake up.
You’re not rich but you’re spending your parent’s money to buy your useless stuffs.
You’re dumb. Look at all those D and E. You’re won’t have any future.
You’re pathetic. Your first relationship lasted for 5 weeks. The second one’s 20 days. What the hell is wrong with you?
You’re had only 30% happiness while you can get 50% at most, because you chose not to.
You do realize the only thing you got is hope. Keep dreaming, then.

Sekarang saya masih menikmati side A. Tinggal tunggu kejadian aja sampai saya menekan tombol stop dan membalik kasetnya.


3 Responses to “A – B”

  1. fanny said

    ah yang aneh2 aja. tetep di side A itu happy, asal jgn terlalu pesimis sama semua yang ada di side B.

    hidup terlalu singkat dan indah buat ditimbang2 :D

  2. xplorio said

    every time i felt sad, i take a look on googleEarth where i see a lot of place which are wonderfull; and after that i’m thinking that the Earth are so beautifull and i spend so much time with bullsheet … :D
    and if my feelings are too bad, i’m looking on the people from Sudan which are trying to survive every day, every hour, every minute … and yes, i feel that i’m so lucky and so happy because i live on the other place on the earth that in that hell!
    and you are so lucky because you are so young! :D
    i wish you be happy with your friends and yourself!

  3. annastasia said

    ehmmm.. side A keliatannya cukup buat dunia kita lebih menyenangkan,,,yah mending puter side A aja.. setuju…
    kadang2 boleh deh puter side B…tapi cuma sebentar..biar gak ngantuk..and nambah semangat

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