April 19, 2008

he’s sitting there in that long, wooden chair
with a can of iced coffee beside,
reading the blue-gray sky surrounding him.

he smiled when the stars begin to appear.

from all his small circle of friends,
the stars are his most trustworthy ones
they knows most of his wishes,
his dreams, and most importantly,
his loves.

the stars blink at him,
waiting for him to speak

but not today
he have no stories to tell
he’s just sitting there silent
keeping everything to himself

he sip the coffee until the can’s empty
he turned it and looked at its bottom

everything has its own expiration date.
even love.


One Response to “expired”

  1. gto said

    wow… it’s.. good.. I mean, really good. (that’s what I think it is)

    ngeliat dari post lo yang di atas ini.. kalo lo emang tau ada yang salah knapa gak di-edit aja..?

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