yellow ferris wheel

April 29, 2008

I used to wonder how does it feel
Sitting with you in that yellow ferris wheel

Rusty, creaking
Not a pretty sight
But I didn’t mind a thing
With you everything’s so bright

I were humming slowly
My sight fixed upon your eyes
Now I will never be lonely
Surely you enjoyed how time flies?

But you certainly didn’t

You pushed me.

I fell.

Now I’m duelling wih death
Held in my last breath is your name
You’re a dream that I may never catch
I’m just someone for you to blame

The stars blink once, twice
I closed my eyes and drowned
to the gloomy loveless life

Thirty past eight, LFM’s rooftop


4 Responses to “yellow ferris wheel”

  1. mand said

    jd cowo jgn menye2 napa…. busetdah

  2. ramdaffe said

    ah gw nyante2 aja tuh.

  3. mand said

    kayak begitu mah bukan nyante, tapi menye2. ckck

  4. ramdaffe said

    huss, berisik ah. hahaha

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