summer movies galore

May 20, 2008

Iron Man
Speed Racer
Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian

3 summer movies in two weeks and I’ve watched all of them (damn, this is why I love summer). Well here’s my take so far: Iron for story, Racer for pure thrill, Caspian for thirst of epic battle. Because I don’t like Iron’s short fighting sequence, Racer’s stupidly-funny-but-shallow story, or Caspian’s mouse-in-boots (I really hate it), those three are pretty satisfying enough.

Of course, the still one more: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal Skull.

Having watched (and collected the DVDs) Indiana Jones series, I can safely say that this is one movie I would watch with no tolerance of arriving late at the cinema, none whatsoever.Indy’s my lost ark, it’s my holy grail. I’ve read some of the early reviews on the net this morning ( have the compilation of them and adds some anonymous ones as well) and it seems that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Crack the whip, Indy!

Oh and yesterday I just saw the full trailer of ML (Mau Lagi). My friend told be there’s a TV spot as well but it’s likely censored. My jaw left wide opened upon when I watched the two and a half minutes of it. It IS the most sexually-explicit modern Indonesian movie ever (I can’t compare it to those silly-titled movies from 70’s such as “Ranjang Asmara”, which until today still exist in small theatres. Yes I made up the title, but it won’t be too different from the real ones). It’s also one of the worst trailer because it ends with a line that goes like “Lo gak boleh ML selama 30 hari!” after a scene of jacuzzi “party”. I’m no opponent of any kind of movie (having watched Shortbus‘s homosexual-threesome scene really boost your tolerance), but I think this movie (directed by that Shankar) is just….too much. It will suck, yes, and it will be remembered as the movie that you wish wouldn’t exist.

On the lighter side, Spike Jonze’s The Fall will be playing at Blitz PVJ this June. Add Wall-E and June’s gonna be sweet. Totally.
Well then, back to yet-to-be-finished Algorithmic Strategy paper :p


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