review: Be Kind Rewind

June 14, 2008

First of all, unlike watching movie at theatre, i’m far pickier when it comes to buying DVD.
Second, that particular DVD has to be “reviewed” by at least 2 of my friends and had good rating on the internet.

Which is why i’m worried when i decided to buy Be Kind Rewind, a movie by one of my favorite director, Michel Gondry. The internet’s full with bad review of it. I don’t want him to make bad movies, much less watching it.

I bought it anyway and for the first third of the film i thought that i had to accept it: the movie sucks. Far from his Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind or The Science of Sleep. Miles below them. Yes, that bad. Every minutes i’m asking where the hell are you, Gondry???

zero out of two stars

Entering the second third. Ah, there you are. But you’re…different. Well there’s nothing wrong (this part of remaking classic movie is pretty hilarious) but i still didn’t quite get it. But the minutes kept ticking and the movie started to take its shape. At this point it became clear what the movie is: a drama/comedy about remaking movies. It was getting more creative and funny and cool and..and…it works. Still, not quite great.

one and a half out of four stars

Well go to hell with the reviews. I myself make movies just because i love and enjoying making them, but this movie sure remind me of one thing about movies: they have soul. They have passion. They’re not just telling stories, they also full of stories themselves. The magical story that not everyone can appreciate. Yes, the last third part of this movie really make this movie a whole.

Maybe Michel Gondry was doing some stupid things with the ideas of everyone can make and be a movie. I have to admit, he succesfully did it in a unique way.

three and a half out of five stars

….no, make it four. extra half because i actually liked it even though it’s still not that good.



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