the bard

June 15, 2008

One day, a peasant fell in love with a princess

A fairy tale can choose between two endings: the good or the bad ones.
Usually, if not all, they have great, heartwarming, satisfying, happy ending.
(With the exception of The Little Mermaid, Little Match Girl, and other desperate stories)

In this case, there exist two endings:

In the first one, the difference between them proves to be too big for the King to accept and he intends to separate them one and for all. The King throw the peasant into the prison, but with the help of his friends who also despise the king, the peasant escape and climb to the castle tower to meet the princess. The peasant declare his ultimate love to her. They run away to the countryside and live happily ever after.

Meanwhile in the second one, the peasant’s heart is filled with too much doubt. He doesn’t even think about the king, the prison, the escape, or the vow. He dreams too often and realize things too late. Eventually he settle on another peasant while the princess fall in love with a charming prince from the neighboring kingdom. Both of them lived happily ever after.

…okay, those aren’t endings. They’re the whole story. But the point is, how hard is it to make a fairy tale? Add the knight, add the villain, add the forest and the castle, and behold a new tale is born.

The hardest part is living through it.


One Response to “the bard”

  1. Andika said

    Simple isn’t it? just add those fairy tale ‘ingredients’ and you’re on your way to become a 21st century Christian Andersen! But hey, its the simplicity of it what makes a fairy tale called a fairy tale. You should definitely read this book titled “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories”! Bet you like it a lot! I reviewed it here, []

    Anyway, nice blog! If you don’t mind, I’ll add you to my blogroll…

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