crappy movie nite: part one

June 16, 2008

Crappy movie night for this week! Weee-hee!
Well i just watched the first 15 minutes of D’girlz Begins.

Like all crappy movies, 15 minutes is already an overkill. That’s why i can laugh at Indosiar’s sinetron but i have to eject this VCD from my laptop at 15 minutes. I just can’t stand it.

Don’t watch it. Seriously. Even if you bought it with those 3-in-1 VCD bundle (i got it along with 9 Naga and Masih Ada Bulan for Rp. 29.500) you’ll feel cheated. No wonder the-now-abandoned gave it a rating of 5 kancut. Well actually it’s okay if you don’t mind a movie set in an art campus just like BBB. With a dude playing violin in the canteen. With a mysterious guy who is always accompanied with some zorro-ish music. With a really crappy fighting sequence. With a villain named Ricardo Montecarlo.

To complete the awesomeness: it’s produced by Softex.
Yes, the title really is d’girlz begins. With a “D”, a “Z”, and an aposthrope.

zero point one of five star.
zero point six if i managed to finish the second disc, but no, thanks.

zero point one just because it’s available on original VCD and it’s cheap.


2 Responses to “crappy movie nite: part one”

  1. lana said

    d’girlz begins?
    haven’t watched it.
    not even interested to.

  2. Waldi - Penglipuran said

    Movie and movie again..
    Mum said: don’t forget OR and MatVec, the new episodes

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