end of june

June 30, 2008

well, it’s end of june. Everyday’s going on just fine. See, these are the times when i’m grateful that there’s nothing bad happened, but it’s kinda boring too.

Bandung’s getting hotter in the day but more chilling at the night. I ate a bit more than usual to counter the multi-kilogram loss from those long walk in Photocamp. My short semester is going at breakneck speed, i will have a mid-test tomorrow. But you know me, i’m the kind of person who simply can’t live beyond daily routinity. That includes my reculturalization (blah) program for this short semester. Yes, i watched too many crappy movies and reading too many webcomics up to the point that i decide read more proper books.

Weeks ago i borrowed my dad’s Olengka and i bought Djenar Maesa Ayu’s Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet and Cerita Pendek Tentang Cerita Cinta Pendek. Just last week i bought A.A. Navis Rubuhnya Surau Kami and re-reading the ever-exhausting To Kill A Mockingbird. Yes, i also read Anton-Rorres Elementary Linear Algebra (damn it).

Anyway, when i went back home to Jakarta last Thursday, i spend my time with my usual destinations. Kinokuniya-Coffee Bean-Gramedia-Societie. There was nothing interesting though, so i went to Citos’ Aksara. The day after that i returned to the store and bought 2 new books

Finally i found it! I don’t really know whether this book has been sitting there for months, but hey, Bandung doesn’t have quite good bookstores. Ever since vivien wrote this on her blog, i’ve been searching for it everywhere. This book is beautifuly fantastic! Tim Burton is cool.

Well i bought this one out of curiosity. It turned out to be good enough to satisfy my recently growing appetite for good (and bad) indonesian movies. Oh, and now i know the english title for Sundel Bolong. Ghost With Hole. Oookay.

This one is brand new. Bought it from Bandung’s Celebrate for eight thousand rupiahs. Useful to create my own version of Boiling Point. My friends had already condemned it.

Oh yeah. Spain won. Wee-hee!


2 Responses to “end of june”

  1. vita said

    I searched for that Tim Burton’s book but it is nowhere to be found. And now you have it, oh great! Pinjem dong dong dong. Hehe :D

  2. rey said

    hahaha tangan wawawawaw

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