July 9, 2008

and still it’s not complete! retarded hahahaha

taken from bugos juli 2007

4 Responses to “wanted”

  1. reytia said

    itu tulisannya vivien kan? hahahahahaha

  2. puty said

    maaannnn, whose the hell is that??? huahauhauhauhau……… thinking to make mine :D

  3. vienz said

    huahahaahahahaa…. tulisan goblok gw!!! I didn’t know you put that here… and by the way, such a crappy writing I have!! hahaha…

  4. anjritaa… bugos jaman baheula.. demi apah lah, vien. hiahahahahaha. gini dong isi bugos.. menarik utk dikenang… bugos yg sekarang makin males buat dibaca, ga ngerti abisan. hahahaha *knp sih gw ;p*

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