in the past

August 23, 2008

Sunrise (S): don’t you miss having an innocent love? :)
S: saat semua yang lo liat cuma supaya dia bahagia.
S: saat semua yang dia lakukan, sekecil apapun itu, bisa bikin lo senyum?
R: yah balik ke definisi innocent love itu sendiri sih
R: what’s the wrongful one?
R: meminta komitemen? timbal balik?
R: haha

There’s a linear relationship between age and corruption of mind and heart. At least that’s what they said.

The sidenews is, I’m reactivating my Tumblr. I got too much short-and-small-yet-still-meaningful thoughts to be posted in this silly blog. Yes, I don’t quite get Twitter or Plurk yet. Feel free to visit it here!


2 Responses to “in the past”

  1. Dipta said

    1st :)
    ok i’ll visit ’em,, hoho..

  2. fanny said

    anjrit dimuat XD.

    I’m still wondering how to get back there, you know?

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