September 17, 2008

Apart from very-badly-thought title above, it’s true. Especially here in bandung when you got constant chilling breeze midday and a himalayan climate in the midnight. I suspect those influenza viruses love cold weather and become a lot stronger returning from their summer vacation.

Here i am, catching one with a bonus of some pretty bad cough every 5 minutes. Unfortunately a lot of my friends got one (or something with similar form) too, so going out of my room isn’t that clean either. On a related note, i wish puty to get well soon, she’s currently in hospital right now (although it seems that she managed to connect to its free Wi-Fi).

Get well soon, everyone!

P.S: Dad, Ikadryl isn’t even making me a bit sleepier than usual. Lost to midnight-facebook effect, i guess? :p


4 Responses to “influ-season”

  1. Fanny said

    drink lots of waters, min 2 L per day ;)

    PS – Have I told you that just last week I saw the poster of “OH BABY” by Cinta Laura hanging nicely on Cathay Cineleisure Orchard? I was very ashamed.

  2. puty said

    thanks bunches, ram :D get extra-healthy soon, too!

    and by the way.
    you watched Oh Baby? you did? you really did?
    how was it? how was she?

    may God forgive you all, LFMians…

  3. ramdaffe said

    @fanny: hey, 1.5L bottle of aqua is, like, huge!
    @puty: yes. i did. i really did. it was…..

    …..spectacularly, awfully, memorable.
    actually she’s as you expected. hahahaha
    my minus 5 rating is enough to sum it all up, eh? :p

  4. puty said

    ram, lo harus isi incredible bulk gue. it’s. empty. yet. :P

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