November 7, 2008

Love is just like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

You think, judging all the opportunities and risks, very carefully
you evaluate what you want and what you need,
you try to look back what you’ve been through,
you build up your courage just to give the answer that he/she wants
just to go to the next level of relationship.

When in doubt, you can always call a good friend
or ask some people to get their opinion

When you have no one to ask,
you try to eliminate the impossible

and give your best shot.

entah pemikiran bodoh ini hanya muncul secara bodoh dan tiba-tiba,
atau memang saya sudah begitu skeptisnya dengan itu semua?


4 Responses to “sure?”

  1. puty said

    wah, lama gue ga kesini.

    tapi ram, love is not something like, lo boleh menyerah dan membawa pulang 32 juta rupiah.
    it’s really not like that.


  2. ramdaffe said

    @puty: hahaha good point. guess i’m just a bit more skeptical than usual :p

    kayaknya yang bisa lo bawa pulang cuma kenangan bahwa lo pernah sampai ke 32 juta rupiah ya?

  3. Fanny said

    Love is not that simple, you know.

    Buzz me anytime you want to talk. I miss your ramblings and simple ‘hi’. sorry for not responding very well lately. A bit juggling here and there..

    Will tell you the complete story later. Still owe me a treat, don’t you?

  4. saskhyaauliaprima said

    setuju ramm..haha sama-sama insecure gini kayaknya sampe begini..ya memang semua membuat SKEPTISSS

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