the destination

November 9, 2008

Finally i’ve decided the ultimate place that i have to visit in my remaining life.

No, not Paris (not bad though), New York (i want to watch a Broadway musical!) , Maldives (so i won’t have to watch Discovery Travel & Living every afternoon anymore), or any other interesting places and countries, be it expensively near or enchantingly exotic.

I want to go to Manua Kea, Hawaii.

My motivation? this picture over here. You’ll see why. Hehehe

The summit of Mauna Kea has been a celestial observatory since ancient times, and is considered to be one of the best astronomical sites in the world.
-Manua Kea at Wikipedia


4 Responses to “the destination”

  1. Fanny said


    najis, keren banget… Boscha ga ada apa2nya…

  2. dinoy said

    bikin tambah pengen mau hunting startrail

  3. Whoa.

    Would like to see the city itself, though. ;)

    Come to think of it, what city would I spend the rest of my life in? Jakarta? Bandung? Paris? New York?

    Btw, new post… And an assignment for you. :D

  4. puty said

    can’t we go shopping, there? :P

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