a good weekend

November 16, 2008

As usual, it’s a very difficult and exhausting week. I spent 3 night at the campus to do various assignments (i have 3-4 groups to keep up with) and playing Wii Tennis.

Well i guess the last point won’t give me any symphaties, eh? :p

Seriously, it has been an incredible time in my life. For the first time, my iPod’s calendar is looks full with appointment and to-do lists. Almost everyday, including weekend, filled with small blue dots. I know, it’s not as busy as it seems, but i used to live so peacefully with nothing to do and these new life feels so…

…nice. Hahaha. Just like my best friend used to told me, working is a way to distract your mind from stressful thoughts (exams? love life? don’t care hahaha). Moreover, the best side effect is every weekend feels like a vacation.

this weekend, without any things to do or smses to reply, suddenly i’m free. luckily, vina was kinda bored too so we decided to have some adventure with pandu and ian. first stop: blind cafe. yeah, the dark one.


the red dot is the waiter, in case you’re wondering. the food isn’t bad too

after having some sushi spree at the supermarket (7,500 for half a dozen? outrageous!) pandu, THE BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD, took the driver’s seat and off we go “circling bandung” as vina said.

well, we did drive circling around. combine our almost-zero sense of navigation and bandung’s notorious one-way four-lane obscure-named road we had to take the tollroad just to go to the entry tollroad to bandung (anyone here used to pass Pasir Koja tollbooths?). We also explored bandung’s old face (with shops such as kembang jaya, anggun jaya, and other jayas) and intrigued with its night life (there’s a club called Sixth Sense near campus, but have you ever been to Karaoke Fantasi?). We lost again but even after we go back to the campus we’re not satisfied so we took our chances and got lost again. 1 am in the morning and someone suggest we should be going to jakarta as well but ultimately our worsening flu stops the saturday night stupidity.

Oh, today’s schedule? yup, another meeting :D


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