March 9, 2009

You know,
there’s time when i felt so lonely that i see no stars,
no planet, no little UFO with little aliens, no space dust,
not even a glimpse of the sky.

It’s there, but sometimes i look down too often that i don’t believe it even exists.
You see, i don’t picture my life as a sunny spring
perfect for lomo shots and polaroids,
it’s more like from dusk to dawn,
when the mighty all-shining sun is sleeping sound,
having moon doing the night shift.
I can’t judge my life just by taking a glimpse at what am i doing now,
I need a long exposure.
Long enough so i can see the details hidden in the moonlight.

But then, there’s time like these
when i don’t need to look up to find a solace or redemption. 

I don’t need sky and its fuzzy, blurry, twinkling gaseous bodies,

I am happy
because I got you here
nearer than the nearest star. 


the best times really are when you can listen to any love songs or watch any romantic movies and not feeling a thing, except happiness because you don’t need their help to describe your feelings  :) 


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