morning call

July 27, 2009

pukul sembilan lebih empat puluh pagi
R: Halo?
M: Selamat pagi, ini dengan ramda?
R: Iya benar, ini siapa?
M: Saya dari LA Lights Indie Movie, selamat ya, kamu lolos ke tahap akhir. Nanti siang ada briefing di Sembilan Matahari, datang ya.

Well, i simply didn’t expect that at all. There are  too many things and thanks to say (especially to Hanung Bramantyo, John De Rantau, Olga Lydia, and Arturo GP as the great judges), but in this post i want to express my utmost gratitude to one person only.

Thank you, Puti Karina Puar :)

P.S: Wish me the best at Jogja next week! Whatever happened, Seven Wonders will be finished no matter what, i promise.


2 Responses to “morning call”

  1. puty said

    you are very welcome :D

  2. kishu said


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