11 AM

September 27, 2009

not too long ago, i have wishes.

i wished that someday i just wanted to sat beside you and watched sunday morning cartoons.
i didn’t have tv so i went to your place. i found you just awoken with messy face and hair,
products of your exhausting long weekdays; full of rants and sleepless nights.
you were angry not because i ruined your sleepy sunday,
but because i came before you had a chance to wash your face (at the very least!).
i ate your leftover snacks on the sofa while you were showering.
you were humming silly song. i complained.

we were definitely ugly.
we were infinitely happy.

yet at the time being, it’s clear that those things only exist in my mind alone.
you’re too occupied on watching someone else.

you have beautiful hopes, too.
you hope that someday you’ll watch sunday morning cartoons with him.
he’ll pick you up to his comfortable house with plush sofas and a lot of sodas.
you’ll make him pancakes while he took a bath (he’s just back from morning walk)
he’ll be humming silly song. you’ll complain.

your perfect hope,
of a perfect world.

until then, you have me.
luckily i always try to be what you need.
the answering machine. the insomniac ears.
the instant heartwarmer. the toolbox.
the umbrella. the glass of water.
the shoulder. the cigarette.
the appetizer. the side dish.
the one in passenger seat.
the friend.

most of the time, though,
i’m just entertainment.

the sunday morning cartoon.


8 Responses to “11 AM”

  1. cebi said

    ramda ini keren sekali. luarbiasa

  2. kishu said

    entah kenapa sih ram..gw suka banget kata-kata lo disini :D

  3. ahu said

    setubuh gan!

    wishes are not meant to be true most of the time

  4. tami said

    gue suka postingan lo ini ram
    udah agak lama ga main ke blog lo, sekarang entah kenapa rasanya blog lo sekarang isi dan layout nya jadi lebih ‘dark’, lebih suram kelam gitu…

  5. sella said

    i wish i have that wish.


  6. saskhyaauliaprima said

    ram sujud-sujud ya gw

  7. wari said

    wiii… luar biasaaa… salut gw ram!

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