we all live in predefined path

November 15, 2009




“Oh, hi!”



November 15th, 2009.





7 Responses to “we all live in predefined path”

  1. Ben Kristian Citto Laksana Tambunan said

    ini visualisasi akan keadaan kehidupan percintaanmu ya ram? haha

  2. And I feel like crying. :'(

  3. Louis said

    like it :)

  4. hwaaaa… :'(

    bener ram.. huhu

  5. flashit said

    anjir !! keren ram, dari segi fotonya maupun maknanya ! beneran ! itu kamu take foto di mana ?

  6. Waldi - Jatiluwih said

    Your dad and mom smile at the photos shown
    How funny you are

  7. i reaaaaaaaaally like this one, somehow.

    your mom and dad were right, you’re funny, in a weird way :)

    – D! –

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