lazy january

January 21, 2010

Jadi men. Males nulis cuy. 

I’ll give the world a quick update:

  • I had an explosive new year’s eve in Bali. That’s because a huge firework exploded right between me and my mom and dad. Kinda burned my new T-shirt a little bit, but everything’s OK.
  • End of semester. Got a 300% increase in GPA but that’s because last semester was so afwul. Still not good enough, i’m afraid, but guess we all have to try harder.
  • I’m reactivating my DeviantArt because I’m joining Klikkanan Photography & Associates. Come on, paychecks. Let’s beat Adit as the most hyped photographers in LFM since 2003!
  • I decided that making a photosession’s behind-the-scene video is quite fun. I made a simple one at a session with Aftah and Uta. Up next: Prewedding photosession and videos!
  • This laptop is at its limit. The simple task of rendering ITB Fair 2010 15-second spot for Blitz Megaplex almost melted the tip of the charger. Oh, and the battery only lasts for 5 minutes (on the plus side, charging it from zero to full also took the same time). Browsing either HP Elitebook or Macbook Pro.
  • I’m having an afro. In progress.
  • I miss the old life back in Jakarta. By the way, I have to thank Amanda for still being my only “real” friend there. Haha I know it’s pathetic but it’s true :D by the way, no, I don’t think you’ll have a chaotic wedding like in “Hari Untuk Amanda”.
  • I miss the old group. Where are you, reytia, dheny, ayu? Let’s go to somewhere fun!
  • I miss the blogging golden age. Where are you now, Kana? Adyani?
  • I’m bored with tumblr. Too many girly stuffs.
  • I watched “Suster Keramas”. What can I say, it’s……..epic.
  • My new friend Alvita (cih) bought me a real australian Boomerang! I began wondering whether it’s any different than indonesian-made ones.
  • I curated 90 short films for Ganesha Film Festival 2010. Especially impressed with movies from friends at Institut Kesenian Jakarta. Kudos for you, guys!
  • I’ll stop having any position at LFM, beginning April. Old age. Time to go Pro myself.
  • I’ll be extremely rare to find at YM, so just text or e-mail me.
  • This blackberry really taxes out my wallet. This, and Telkomsel.

Have a great January, everyone!


4 Responses to “lazy january”

  1. Fanny said

    “I’ll be extremely rare to find at YM, so just text or e-mail me.


  2. vienz said

    seriously. I miss that girl, kana. though I only know her from blogosphere. do you happen to know where she’s at now?

    btw. tumblr just becomes far too mainstream. I think reblogging is not even close to real blogging. that’s just what I think. :D

  3. ramdaffe said

    @fanny: tenaaang :D
    @vien: kana’s still around but she stops blogging i guess. i’ll DM you her twitter, maybe you two could meet sometimes (be in this times new roman world or somewhere else haha)

    no comment to tumblr though, i don’t mind a few reblogs, but almost every post of it? tumblr’s becoming the gigantic quote bank where nobody cares about the origin of the original post. what can i say haha.

  4. dulu gue pernah bilang ke lo buat nyoba manjangin rambut.. lo ga mau.. sekarang kalo gue bilang lo bagus diafro, kira2 lo bakal potong rambut gak ya.. hha.

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