internal affairs, part one

April 8, 2010

In my opinion, love and religion have one thing in common. Some calls it devotion. Some calls it belief. Some doesn’t give it a name.

I prefer to call it faith.

Faith, dear people, is the only powerful thing not based on logic. Faith is present in everyone’s mind and heart. Faith reverberate through our so-called soul. More often than not, faith is our motive in daily life (because as they say, we don’t really need reason to do something). Faith seals our doubtful choice. Faith is there, out of thin air, when everything seems broken beyond repair. Hope isn’t faith, it’s because faith exist we can construct our hopes. Faith isn’t the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s the will to keep walking even when the light fades. Faith isn’t the mantra, it’s the tiny bit of consience that releases enlightenment, bubbles that surface from our deepest trench. Irrational, right? Yes, it really is. Why this goddamn one thing exists, maybe because we need at least one irrational thing in our life. One thing to bridge all the logical differences, good or bad.

Faith might be just our imagination, our self-destruct prevention system. The dead man switch.

I don’t understand faith. Understanding, in my world, means you can explain it logically. There’s too much loopholes and blanks too be filled in the concept of faith. As far as I tried it, fitting logic to faith compromises them both.

That’s why, dear people, I’m uncomfortable when someone try to make people believe that faith is the base of all logic, the one we desperately seek. We’re not even talking about science!

One fact that I can tell you is that I accept love and religion as my exercise on faith.

Real or not,
(really, be it real or not, would you care if they aren’t real? more on that sometimes in the future)

I’d recommend that we leave love and religion as it is.

Without logic,
with faith.

Blablablablah I’m blabbering. Forgive those grammatical errors.


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