April 19, 2010

Dear my friends,

I know that I shouldn’t make an analogy for you all, because you’re the most extraordinary thing that I’ve ever encountered in my life. Calling you all treasures would be an understatement: most treasures are worthless.

Treasures don’t demand.
Treasures don’t relieve.
Treasures never care.
Treasures never leave.
Treasures can’t complain.
Treasures can’t forgive.

You’ll never be everything but you’ll also never means nothing.
I won’t be there every time but when I do I’ll give most of my time.
Existence may ceases and memories may fade,
but I swear that none of my care is simply fake.

Treasures are what you’ll never be,
for I can never put a price at friendship.

This post is dedicated to many good people,
but this I just want to say that I’m really sorry, RA.


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