never mind

May 22, 2010

“Never mind” is a phrase meaning “it is not important,” or “do not be concerned.”

It’s similar to but different from the phrase “I’m fine”,
which is usually spoken or written by woman.
Although the word “fine” means exactly the opposite, it’s more like a temporary
ceasefire, an emergency brake in the brink of an emotional trainwreck.
Evasive maneuver.

“I’m fine” means the person who said it need extended emotional support.
Some form of denial will automatically ensues, such as “no, really, i’m fine”,
which actually implied that the person probably needs some fresh air to breathe,
a place to relax, or a bathroom to cry or cut off his/her wrist. Yes, really.

Look directly into their eyes. Console them.
If you’re a close friend and both of your gender
is other than male-male, hold their hand or pat their back.
It helps.
Look after them. Ask how are they doing, couple of days later.
If you’re doing all above right, when the person says “fine”,
It’s the real “fine”.

“Never mind”, on the other hand, is kind of a bit more complicated.
For the time being, the “never mind” said here comes from a troubled guy.
At the very least, it’s the lesser form of “I’m fine”, minus the drama.
At the very worst, if a person says it to you, it means that you have failed.


As anything to stop his trainwreck.
He’ll crash and he’s telling you it’s too late for you to act,
he’s telling you that all you did is too little,
or maybe he did some things that were just too reckless.

He’ll say things like,
just don’t do it again to me,
just don’t do it to others,
just be a good, caring human being.

He’ll wish you all good luck,
He’ll fade.


Never mind, never minded.


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