my keypresses

May 25, 2010

I don’t whether anyone else have tried this before, but i’ll go for it: the idea is to press a key in your keyboard at the address bar of your browser (mine’s Chrome), and explain the first website address that shows up as. As I write this, I haven’t tried it, so this is one kind of a rare, real-time writings. Here I go.

  • A :
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:
  • F:

  • G:
  • H:
  • I:
  • J:
  • K:
  • L:
  • M:
  • N:
  • O:
  • P:
  • Q: (a google search suggestion for “quotes”)
  • R:
  • S:
  • T:
  • U:
  • V:
  • W:
  • X:
  • Y:
  • Z:  (a google search suggestion for “zara”)

Engadget and Gizmodo prove that i am a gadget and computer nerd who raves at the newest build of Android and Windows Phone 7. Arstechnica is kind of computer-centric of Scientific American which my father subscribed to. Wired is also a lighter complement of it, xkcd makes jokes about it. Crackberry is a shame on above’s list, really. for the laugh at Indonesia’s modern journalism and takes the trophy for exposing Indonesia’s modern online society (cendol, anyone?). Nikonrumors for dreaming about those D700s and Jpckemang for waking me up. and m.tweete are there for no reasons, dunno why. Youtube, Facebook*, and Tumblr need none. Livescore is there when I can’t watch football match in my friend’s apartment (I have no TV in my room).Damn, this post is getting too extroverted. Whatever.

Pleasefindthis is getting too emo these days, but its 2008/9 archive is really great. Reddit is where my head sometimes explode then sinks: there’s so many great atheist, political observer, pokemon nerd, geeky comedian, and real-life scientists there, talking about everything. Be prepared if you’re not that open-minded. Slashfilm makes every movie trailers, posters, and unfamiliar actors look meaningful and cool. Their “cool stuff” section houses my birthday wishlist. I always go there (and sometimes Roger Ebert’s blog) before going to Blitzmegaplex: I dislike movies that no one would talk about. For short videos, Vimeo has no match as a videographer’s treasure website. To wrap it up, Ah, even my browser history reminds me. Playtime’s over.

How about yours, dear readers?


2 Responses to “my keypresses”

  1. puty said

    you know what ram, my A is Anjinggombal.. =))

  2. […] here’s the idea come from. All of sudden, I remember this post that was written by Ramda, one of my plurk friend. You just have to open your browser, press a key […]

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