June 15, 2010


Um, I already have this blog for quite some time now. I don’t know, people talked about how personal blogs are getting obsolete. The era is over, that’s what they said. My say? They’re missing the point of it. Personal blog such as this one is a perfect personal space. My neighbors might wrote eloquent poems. Some of them wrote unreadable rambling with alien language and spell checker turned off. One or two embed classical songs. One or two embed Justin Bieber songs. Some tried too hard on being quirky indie girl. Some can’t write (they always quote). Some cared about page hit and Google AdSense earnings. Some don’t have any blogrolls. One keeps writing about a particular person *COUGH* while I usually write about imaginary person and life. A really nice private space. You got readers, not followers. TrackBacks, not (hundred of) mentions. You can go private, like, paparazzis can’t Google you.

What’s this post about? Nah, I just want to thank Twitter. I like the fact that almost everything’s rubbish in there.
It makes it the perfect place to shout something and be ignored. Suddenly every marketers, spammers, broadcasters, and lunatics goes there, and these private space are getting quieter than usual. Not to everyone’s liking, but suits really great for me. I got a hit or two to this blog from or Facebook RSS feed, but maybe that’s it.

Thanks for being the great new noisy place, Twitter.
Thanks for still being the lovely, quiet countryside cottage,


3 Responses to “retreat”

  1. seconded! twitter’s pretty much useful to filter the mind so only the best thoughts got blogged and the rest goes to the timeline.

  2. wow we thought the same thing! hee..

  3. […] bisa meracau tidak jelas. Padahal saya ingin menulis tulisan luar biasa seperti punya Puty dan punya Ramda. Ah, kalian keren […]

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