June 30, 2010

Today is my 24th day in internship at PT Karya SET Film, a movie production house owned by our national filmmaker, Garin Nugroho.
I’ve posted some picture at our tumblr here but here’s the rest.

What I got and learned:

  • New skills on Adobe InDesign and Illustrator
  • Few understandings of jQuery and PHP
  • A Mac Pro with a 16-gig RAM is a sight that I always evade every morning
  • Sony EX-1 and Alpha 900 are jaw-droppingly awesome and cost a leg
  • A wider tolerance of boxed and sometimes spicy foods
  • Hilarious experiences everyday (now being a Metromini regular)
  • Good quality earphone (such as my Sennheiser PX100) is a necessity
  • Wearing T-shirt everyday, while comfortable, is rather weird
  • The office itself is remarkably similar to LFM back in Bandung
    (complete with its 12am-7pm operational hour)
  • Slow wi-fi internet, but twitter and facebook is fine. Skype, too.
  • Some movie premiere invitation (last being “Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park”)
  • Mas Garin is really friendly, although he comes by not too often

Overall it’s quite fun and relaxed, the only letdown being having to wait 10-20 minutes for P72 Metromini that frequently transfers us to another bus and gets really crowded in the afternood trip back home. Thankfully there’s always something in the weekend (big thanks to Aftah, Keni, Ayu, and Reytia). A really weird roleplaying with one of my friend also

So, 2 more weeks to go. 2 more weeks to…dunno what. Haha.


One Response to “internship”

  1. dseptia said

    wah seru amat ram KP disana..
    mau donk lihat foto2nya! :D

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