it’s been quite a while

August 18, 2010

since i started my internship at jakarta.
since i read newspaper and took cold shower.
since i took public bus every morning.
since i slept at the journey back home.
since i first started to introduce her to him.
since i had a ridiculous karaoke time with her.
since i said goodbye to my ex who’s now in australia.
since i said see you to my buddies who’s now in korea and japan.
since i thought of quitting my college and moved somewhere else.
since i met this awesome girl in that shooting day.
since i first rode a scooter by myself.
since i decided to have a scooter instead of a car.
since i first confessed about you to someone else.
since i wrote the first (and second to last) writing about you.
since i waited for every saturday when you’re back home.

since i realized that sometimes less is truly more.

the truth is i can’t wait to say
it’s been quite a while since you give me the happiest day in this year so far.
(there, i said it anyway hahaha)

Muchas gracias, amiga ;)


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