October 29, 2010

Ehm. First of all, forgive my rather harsh tone on my writings lately (followed by a rather long pause of inspirations). I don’t really know the reason behind my anger. Maybe I just need to vent off. I’m supposed to channel all that by swimming, but turns out after I bought a new swimming goggles I’m still too lazy to go to the pool. Big plans gone awry, as usual.

On the bright side of the news, midtest is over. Environmental studies is becoming my favorite subject, because all I did was watching global warming and pollution-related movies twice a week and filled the midtest answer sheet just by remembering some editions of National Geographic magazine. The big assignment? designing poster. That’s just double awesome.

On even brighter side of the news, my Pasar Seni short video is a huge success. The actual event was unbelievably tiring and I didn’t watch a lot of events, but I managed to edit some footage (out of 20ish gigabytes from 5D mark II, rented by LFM) down to just over two minutes of delicious shots. I’m not a professional, so 44 reblogs on tumblr and some hundred views at facebook, vimeo, and youtube really boost by moods. Thanks a lot! For those who haven’t watched it, feel free to view and comment on here.

Now the uglies. My Blackberry Storm got stomped by a mysterious, natural born killer. The screen was cracked, so I switched to another second hand phone (which suspiciously also broken after 2 days of use). Luckily I also bought an Android phone plus a really cheap Axis data plan with the spare money, which I found unbelievably stellar. I choose Google Sky Map and Fruit Ninja over any goddamn blackberry at any day.

Now that my instability period (HAHA) is over, I’m back on writing mood. Before that, I will be having a small photosession with the Kendra Ahimsa and Tiza on Sunday. Of course, after I watch The Social Network premiere on the morning (thanks to Zahra’s spare tickets!). Regrettably, I’m not in the mood of watching any Facebook-related movies after we watched Setan Facebook last night. Wait for my..uh, review.

Doesn’t matter, I’m glad I’m back here.


One Response to “restart”

  1. a n g g a said

    Please please please, I am dying to read your (cynical) review of Setan Facebook! Hahaha

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