December 1, 2010

take your time and observe your keyboard. see the longest key there? it’s called the space bar. when pressed, it produces spaces. tap twice, two spaces, and so on.

pretend that you wrote down everything you ever done, felt, or gone through. now look at what you wrote so far. your breaths, your meals, your new shoes, your empty soda can, your rains, your sexual curiosities, your boring films. basically, your whole life down to the tiniest conscious details. between millions of things, there are heartbreaks. there are loss. there are moments without gravity. there are moments when you were stuck and can’t put a period on it.

periods are hard to press. sometimes you just don’t want to end something.

the reality is, some people can press the period easily. some who don’t tend to write their mournings to satisfy their sudden explosion of melancholy. some write drinks and a lot of cigarettes. some of the worse ones don’t even write again.

in my case, i used to press the space bar a lot. i created huge, clean white spaces.

spaces were my easy escape.



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