through the looking-glass

December 30, 2010

A person is beyond the thinking mind.  Many of you would probably be proud to be called Americans, as many Indians would probably be proud to be called Indians.  But what is “American,” what is “Indian”?  It’s a convention; it’s not part of your nature.  All you’ve got is a label.  You really don’t know the person.  The concept always misses or omits something extremely important, something precious that is only found in reality, which is concrete uniqueness.

The great Krishnamurti put it so well when he said, “The day you teach the child the name of the bird, the child will never see that bird again.”  How true! The first time the child sees that fluffy, alive, moving object, and you say to him, “Sparrow,” then tomorrow when the child sees another fluffy, moving object similar to it he says, “Oh, sparrows.  I’ve seen sparrows.  I’m bored by sparrows.”

If you don’t look at things through your concepts, you’ll never be bored.  Every single thing is unique.

~Anthony de Mello



August 18, 2010

I’ve been re-reading Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a really good book that last time i read in 2007. I still hazily remember about Santiago, warrior of light, personal legends, and the Englishmen. I suddenly remembered too the time when someone read me the last bit of the book over the phone, but that’s another *ahem* story. What I always skipped is the introduction by the author himself in the beginning of the book. I tend to skip this part when I read other books, because I want to be immersed and unspoiled in reading the story itself. The Alchemist is one of my older book which I bought at the start of my “I-have-to-read-a-book-so-I-don’t-get-crazy-in-this-machine-minded-college” and has only been read once, so it’s rather special by itself.

This time, I read the introduction and there lies words that I’ve been missing for the last 3 years. I’ll write the short version of it below.

…we are then faced by the second obstacle (to confront our own dream) : love.
We know what we want to do, but are afraid of hurting those around us by abandoning everything in order to pursue our dream.
We do not realize that love is just a further impetus, not something that will prevent us going forward.
We do not realize that those who genuinely wish us well want us to be happy and are prepared to accompany us on that journey.

We who fight for our dream suffer far more when it doesn’t work out,
because we cannot fall back on the old excuse: “Oh, well, I didn’t really want it anyway.”

…then comes the fourth obstacle: the fear of realizing the dream for which we fought all our lives.
Oscar Wilde said: “Each man kills the thing he loves.” And it’s true.
The mere possibility of getting what we want fills the soul of the ordinary person with guilt.
We look around at all those who have failed to get what they want and feel that we do not deserve to get what we want either.
We forget about all the obstacles we overcame, all the suffering we endured, all the things we had to give up to get this far.

Next time, never left pages unturned.

hurricane’s eye

May 25, 2009

Huahm. Ini weekend yang melelahkan. Hari Jumat setelah screening film Dara di LFM (yang menurut gw sangat sukses), gw langsung balik ke Jakarta. Komputer ayah rusak dan gw sekalian mengembalikan lensa tele dia. Sekalian menyelamatkan kamera fisheye. Rumah gw semakin aneh dengan ornamen Bali yang terlalu beraneka ragam, tapi sisi positifnya lasagna dan pastel tutup masih tetap berlimpah dan sekarang internet di rumah sudah pakai Speedy Unlimited yang yahud. Karena terlibat pembicaraan serius yang mencengangkan di YM, gw pun akhirnya baru tidur jam setengah 4 dan bangun jam 9 karena belum pesen travel buat pulang hari itu.

Siangnya gw ke Poins Square untuk beli CD buat ayah. Sayangnya sedang ada Dahsyat, live, membuat macet, dan isinya alay-alay. Gw baru memperhatikan kalau alay jakarta lebih salah fashion daripada alay bandung. Yaudahlahya. Sport Warehouse ternyata pindah ke lantai atas, dan isinya tetep Reebok dan Converse yang model lama. Setelah menembus macet Dahsyat (literally), gw pun meluncur ke Citos untuk menunaikan ibadah. Ke aksara dan beli burger king yang ga ada di bandung.

Aksara seperti biasa selalu memberi seleksi buku dan benda-benda lucu yang menarik, tapi entah kenapa sepertinya harganya jadi agak mahalan dikit. Setelah berpikir gaji gw bakal disedot kalau gw beli buku Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See seharga 300 ribu, akhirnya gw beli 2 buku yang lebih murah: Saman (Ayu Utami) dan The Geek’s Guide To World Domination ( Garth Sundem). Gw belum menemukan waktu damai untuk baca yang pertama, tapi 20 halaman pertama dari Geek Guide sangat tolol dan berisi fakta-fakta ga penting seperti the highest-scoring words in scrabble dan how to read a chinese abacus. Truly geeky and i love it with all my heart! Tadinya mau beli soundtracknya Pintu Terlarang tapi gw udah punya MP3nya sih. Kasian koleksi CD gw, baru 2 keping.


Dua buku yang sangat bertolak belakang

Setelah membeli Burger King titipan, ga jadi nyoba makan di TRS, dan salah beli kopi di Coffee Bean (shit, 46 ribu), gw bersilaturahmi ke rumah manda yang lagi belajar UAS. Sampai rumah CD yang gw beli gagal menyelamatkan komputer ayah, dan akhirnya gw menghabiskan 3 menit terakhir di rumah mengajarkan pake program baru buat e-mail. Udah lah yah, pindah Gmail aja. Sampai di travel mendapat titipan lemper 1 dus. Sampai di bandung gw dikejar hujan sampai ITB. Sampai di ITB ada yang minta ketemuan. Sampai di ITB lagi jam 1. Bangun jam 8 dan gw memasuki mata badai.

Hurricane Eye. Minggu tenang yang diapit 2 neraka UAS.
Ah, damainya.

end of june

June 30, 2008

well, it’s end of june. Everyday’s going on just fine. See, these are the times when i’m grateful that there’s nothing bad happened, but it’s kinda boring too.

Bandung’s getting hotter in the day but more chilling at the night. I ate a bit more than usual to counter the multi-kilogram loss from those long walk in Photocamp. My short semester is going at breakneck speed, i will have a mid-test tomorrow. But you know me, i’m the kind of person who simply can’t live beyond daily routinity. That includes my reculturalization (blah) program for this short semester. Yes, i watched too many crappy movies and reading too many webcomics up to the point that i decide read more proper books.

Weeks ago i borrowed my dad’s Olengka and i bought Djenar Maesa Ayu’s Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet and Cerita Pendek Tentang Cerita Cinta Pendek. Just last week i bought A.A. Navis Rubuhnya Surau Kami and re-reading the ever-exhausting To Kill A Mockingbird. Yes, i also read Anton-Rorres Elementary Linear Algebra (damn it).

Anyway, when i went back home to Jakarta last Thursday, i spend my time with my usual destinations. Kinokuniya-Coffee Bean-Gramedia-Societie. There was nothing interesting though, so i went to Citos’ Aksara. The day after that i returned to the store and bought 2 new books

Finally i found it! I don’t really know whether this book has been sitting there for months, but hey, Bandung doesn’t have quite good bookstores. Ever since vivien wrote this on her blog, i’ve been searching for it everywhere. This book is beautifuly fantastic! Tim Burton is cool.

Well i bought this one out of curiosity. It turned out to be good enough to satisfy my recently growing appetite for good (and bad) indonesian movies. Oh, and now i know the english title for Sundel Bolong. Ghost With Hole. Oookay.

This one is brand new. Bought it from Bandung’s Celebrate for eight thousand rupiahs. Useful to create my own version of Boiling Point. My friends had already condemned it.

Oh yeah. Spain won. Wee-hee!

Akhirnya kembali juga ke Jakarta! Haha it’s nice to go back to my home, even though it’s just for one day. Wow, i’m becoming a frequent traveler, i’m on plane 4 times and spend hours on taxi this monthTadi pas di airport Juanda yang baru (nice one, i like it) mampir sebentar ke Periplus. Berhubung Harry Potter yang baru sudah habis hanya dalam waktu 1/4 hari saja, jadi pengen bacaan lain deh. I found Like Flowing River by Paulo Coelho, bought it, and read it while i was on plane.

Like The Alchemist, the simplicity but deep meanings of his works really makes me glued to that book, i even didn’t notice i were landing already! *yep, that’s true*. I love his thought in humanity, love, and peace; we need more people like him to make this world a better place for readers like me. One story on page 162 really touched me, so if you like this one, please get to your nearest bookstore and buy it :D

A young cloud was born in the midst of a great storm over the Mediterranean Sea, but he did not even have time to grow up there, for a strong wind pushed all the clouds towards Africa.
As soon as the clouds reached the continent the climate changed . A bright sun was shining in the sky and stretched out beneath them, lay the golden sands of the Sahara. Since it almost never rains in the desert, the wind continued pushing the clouds towards the forests in the south.
Meanwhile, as happens with young humans too, the young cloud decided to leave his parents and his older friends in order to discover the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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