June 30, 2011

saya tidak boleh lupa kalau yang menyelamatkan terkadang bisa membutakan,
dan cahaya butuh waktu untuk merangkak menuju kaki-kaki saya.

saya tidak boleh lupa kalau tidak ada kota yang tak berpenghuni,
dan setiap sudut ruangan ada mata-mata yang pura-pura lupa,
atau mata-mata yang seringkali tidak kasat mata.

saya tidak boleh lupa kalau hujan terkadang datang sebagai percikan,
dan setiap tetes air pasti akan kembali ke laut,
atau bersemayam dalam embun pagi setiap hari selasa.

saya tidak boleh lupa kalau yang pergi itu saya:
bukan cahaya, bukan kota sepi, bukan rintik hujan,
bukan mata-mata yang seringkali tidak kasat mata.

saya tidak boleh lupa kalau dia menunggu saya.



February 28, 2011

cerita-cerita baru dari seorang teman baru

digantikan oleh

cerita-cerita lama tentang masa lalu,
dari seorang teman dekat baru

digantikan oleh

cerita-cerita baru tentang seseorang yang baru,
dari seorang teman dekat lama

digantikan oleh

cerita-cerita baru dari seorang teman lama.

andai kita bisa memilih cerita mana yang ingin didengar,
ingin disimpan, atau ingin dilupakan.


the race

November 12, 2010

I’ve got a really bad habit.

I used to be the “silent majority”. I’m not outspoken, I prefer to mind my own business and life. I don’t like to talk out loud, I prefer to listen. Listening to noises, listening to stories. I always deliver a muted response to anything, especially this year. It’s not a good year at all. As happy as I am right now, it’s important to remember what really destroys this year: races.

Now you may recognize this boring tone, but it’s true: I don’t do much. Thanks for the compliment, but all I had done is really a couple of one-hit wonders. Thanks for the reputation, but although it does brighten my days ultimately it doesn’t really matter. You do know the feeling of winning smaller races and gradually losing the bigger ones, eh? Every person is both a winner and a loser at any given time or context. For better or for worse, every people have to know where he or she stands at any given time. Some people lose track. I lose track sometimes. This is one of those times.

I’m not…greedy. It used to be the race that I want that matters. Not anymore.
I guess it really is the time to losing these races to have a better year ahead,
and to get into the bigger one.

This post is written after I saw one of my very best mentor got accepted at McKinsey, my closest friend is already building a business empire, my old pal just demonstrated their Minority Report-esque touchscreen table, and a lot of my friend already got a stable and happy relationship.

Guess I haven’t figured out ways to get those kind of major happiness out of this wrecked mind of mine.


September 8, 2010

places we’ve visited, once or twice or more.

places we haven’t.

person does the journey, journey shapes the person.


June 15, 2010


Um, I already have this blog for quite some time now. I don’t know, people talked about how personal blogs are getting obsolete. The era is over, that’s what they said. My say? They’re missing the point of it. Personal blog such as this one is a perfect personal space. My neighbors might wrote eloquent poems. Some of them wrote unreadable rambling with alien language and spell checker turned off. One or two embed classical songs. One or two embed Justin Bieber songs. Some tried too hard on being quirky indie girl. Some can’t write (they always quote). Some cared about page hit and Google AdSense earnings. Some don’t have any blogrolls. One keeps writing about a particular person *COUGH* while I usually write about imaginary person and life. A really nice private space. You got readers, not followers. TrackBacks, not (hundred of) mentions. You can go private, like, paparazzis can’t Google you.

What’s this post about? Nah, I just want to thank Twitter. I like the fact that almost everything’s rubbish in there.
It makes it the perfect place to shout something and be ignored. Suddenly every marketers, spammers, broadcasters, and lunatics goes there, and these private space are getting quieter than usual. Not to everyone’s liking, but suits really great for me. I got a hit or two to this blog from or Facebook RSS feed, but maybe that’s it.

Thanks for being the great new noisy place, Twitter.
Thanks for still being the lovely, quiet countryside cottage,

Buat apa berpura-pura kalau yang saya butuhkan itu orang yang menerima apa adanya?

Bukannya tidak berusaha, tapi saya tidak suka berpura-pura.
Bukannya tidak fleksibel, tapi saya jarang mau berpura-pura.

Kebenaran itu seharusnya disampaikan mendekati utuh, bukan?

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